Founded in 1996 in the San Francisco Bay Area, Aspacia recognized the potential for a unique service organization in the mixed-mode and made-to-order and process manufacturing industry.  During the next few years, Aspacia was to be the first third party service provider to provide:

  • Access to product based list servers

  • Online distribution of product customizations

  • Credit card processing for easy payment

  • Opt-in development programs

  • A 24/7/365 help desk and technical support center

  • An online e-Store for purchasing products

  • An affiliate sales program

  • Shareware and free program distribution

  • Remote desktop streaming online support

  • A dedicated manufacturing web design studio

  • High speed solid state disk solutions

Aspacia continues to be an innovator in the manufacturing industry by offering premium products and services that result in measurable positive impact to our clients business performance.













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