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Vantage by Epicor Software Corporation is the leading manufacturing, erp, mrp, crm and scm software solution for the mid-tier made to order or mixed mode manufacturer.  With an international installed base of several thousand seats, Epicor Vantage enjoys broad market acceptance throughout the manufacturing sector.  Supported by a robust third party contingent of consultants, developers and products Vantage continues to evolve providing industry leading features and functions.

Since it's inception, Vantage by Epicor has been based on the solid technical foundation provided by Progress Software Corporation.  Progress Software's embedded RDBMS guarantees a stable, scalable foundation upon which Vantage builds to provide truly integrated information flow throughout the manufacturing enterprise.  Today, Vantage 8 leads the industry with the delivery of a web services infrastructure based on Open Edge 10 and Microsoft .NET technologies.

Comprised of modules including Customer Relationship Management, Financial Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Production Control, Planning and Scheduling and Customer Service Management, Vantage 8 provides a comprehensive foundation for integrating every mission critical function in a manufacturing environment.

Epicor has designed Vantage to be easy to install, quick to implement and simple to support.  But it is Vantage's ability to be customized to meet the individual need of the users that sets it apart from other products in the industry.  Based entirely on the Microsoft .NET platform, the smart client application can be completely rebuilt to support any user function required without having to effect the base application.  That means that each Vantage client can see the integrated enterprise data exactly as they need to in order to support their job.

Getting the most from Vantage by Epicor can be challenging.  Implementing company best practices in a software application as flexible as Vantage means not only understanding all of the application's capabilities but also how those capabilities can be best utilized within the context of the manufacturer's business.  That's why Aspacia understands that a successful Vantage implementation requires more than just a thorough knowledge of the product's features and functions.  Implementing Vantage also requires an intimate understanding of the business in which it is to operate.

At Aspacia Systems, we understand that your manufacturing business is unique and that's why we don't treat Vantage training as a cookie cutter process.  We provide world class Vantage implementation and training that is specifically tailored to your organization.  Aspacia provides, targeted, cost effective hands on Vantage support not just an overview of the software.  And, at Aspacia, we don't stop there.  We provide real time remote desktop assistance with Vantage well after the implementation is complete insuring that your organization is provided with the highest level of knowledge transfer and customer satisfaction in the market.

Implementing Vantage by Epicor can be a watershed event for any manufacturer looking for an integrated, flexible answer for seamless information exchange both within the organization as well as will customers and vendors.  Getting the most from Vantage can require the assistance of a talented and dedicated implementation and training team.  At Aspacia, we have more industry experience implementing Vantage by Epicor and any other third party consulting firm.

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